Laravel Routing Case-insensitive routes


Routes in Laravel are case-sensitive. It means that a route like

Route::get('login', ...);

will match a GET request to /login but will not match a GET request to /Login.

In order to make your routes case-insensitive, you need to create a new validator class that will match requested URLs against defined routes. The only difference between the new validator and the existing one is that it will append the i modifier at the end of regular expression for the compiled route to switch enable case-insensitive matching.

<?php namespace Some\Namespace;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Illuminate\Routing\Route;
use Illuminate\Routing\Matching\ValidatorInterface;

class CaseInsensitiveUriValidator implements ValidatorInterface
  public function matches(Route $route, Request $request)
    $path = $request->path() == '/' ? '/' : '/'.$request->path();
    return preg_match(preg_replace('/$/','i', $route->getCompiled()->getRegex()), rawurldecode($path));

In order for Laravel to use your new validator, you need to update the list of matchers that are used to match URL to a route and replace the original UriValidator with yours.

In order to do that, add the following at the top of your routes.php file:

use Illuminate\Routing\Route as IlluminateRoute;
use Your\Namespace\CaseInsensitiveUriValidator;
use Illuminate\Routing\Matching\UriValidator;

$validators = IlluminateRoute::getValidators();
$validators[] = new CaseInsensitiveUriValidator;
IlluminateRoute::$validators = array_filter($validators, function($validator) { 
  return get_class($validator) != UriValidator::class;

This will remove the original validator and add yours to the list of validators.