Laravel lumen framework Getting started with Lumen


The following example demonstrates using Lumen in WAMP / MAMP / LAMP environments.

To work with Lumen you need to setup couple of things first.

Assuming you have all these three components installed (at least you need composer), first go to your web servers document root using terminal. MacOSX and Linux comes with a great terminal. You can use git bash (which is actually mingw32 or mingw64) in windows.

$ cd path/to/your/document/root

Then you need to use compose to install and create Lumen project. Run the following command.

$ composer create-project laravel/lumen=~5.2.0 --prefer-dist lumen-project
$ cd lumen-project

lumen-app in the code above is the folder name. You can change it as you like. Now you need to setup your virtual host to point to the path/to/document/root/lumen-project/public folder. Say you mapped http://lumen-project.local to this folder. Now if you go to this url you should see a message like following (depending on your installed Lumen version, in my case it was 5.4.4)-

Lumen (5.4.4) (Laravel Components 5.4.*)

If you open lumen-project/routers/web.php file there you should see the following-

$app->get('/', function () use($app) {
    return $app->version();

Congratulations! Now you have a working Lumen installation. No you can extend this app to listen to your custom endpoints.