MATLAB Language Usage of `accumarray()` Function

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accumarray allows to aggregate items of an array in various ways, potentially applying some function to the items in the process. accumarray can be thought of as a lightweight reducer (see also: Introduction to MapReduce ).

This topic will contain common scenarios where accumarray is especially useful.


  • accumarray(subscriptArray, valuesArray)
  • accumarray(subscriptArray, valuesArray, sizeOfOutput)
  • accumarray(subscriptArray, valuesArray, sizeOfOutput, funcHandle)
  • accumarray(subscriptArray, valuesArray, sizeOfOutput, funcHandle, fillVal)
  • accumarray(subscriptArray, valuesArray, sizeOfOutput, funcHandle, fillVal, isSparse)


subscriptArraySubscript matrix, specified as a vector of indices, matrix of indices, or cell array of index vectors.
valuesArrayData, specified as a vector or a scalar.
sizeOfOutputSize of output array, specified as a vector of positive integers.
funcHandleFunction to be applied to each set of items during aggregation, specified as a function handle or [].
fillValFill value, for when subs does not reference each element in the output.
isSparseShould the output be a sparse array?


  • Introduced in MATLAB v7.0.


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