meteor Meteor + React + ReactRouter Create the project


1- First all, install

2- Create a project. (--bare is to create an empty project)

meteor create --bare MyAwesomeProject

3- Create the minimal file structure (-p to create intermediate directories):

cd MyAwesomeProject

mkdir -p client server imports/api imports/ui/{components,layouts,pages} imports/startup/{client,server}

4- Now, create an HTML file in client/main.html

   <meta charset="utf-8">
   <title>My Awesome Meteor_React_ReactRouter_Roles App</title>
  Welcome to my Meteor_React_ReactRouter_Roles app

5- Make sure it's working: (3000 is the default port, so you can actually skip the '-p 3000')

meteor run -p 3000

and opening your browser on 'localhost:3000'


  • I'm skipping some other files that you will need to create, to make things shorter. Specifically, you will need to create some index.js files in client , imports/startup/{client,server} and server directories.

  • You can view a full example in Look for tag Step1_CreateProject