netsuite nlapiSubmitField and Inline Editing


The nlapiSubmitField column is a critical piece to understand. This column indicates whether the field is available for inline editing. If nlapiSubmitField is true, then the field can be edited inline. This greatly impacts how this field is handled when trying to use the nlapiSubmitField or record.submitFields functions in your scripts.

When this column is true, you can safely use the Submit Fields APIs to update this field inline. When it is false, you can still use these functions to update the field, but what actually happens behind the scenes changes significantly.

When nlapiSubmitField is false for a particular field, and you utilize one of the Submit Fields APIs on it, the scripting engine behind the scenes will actually do a full load of the record, update the field, and submit the change back to the database. The end result is the same, but because the entire record is loaded and saved, your script will actually use a lot more governance than you might expect and will take longer to execute.

You can read about this in more detail on the Help page titled "Consequences of Using nlapiSubmitField on Non Inline Editable Fields."