PHP Exception Handling and Error Reporting Logging fatal errors


In PHP, a fatal error is a kind of error that cannot be caught, that is, after experiencing a fatal error a program does not resume. However, to log this error or somehow handle the crash you can use register_shutdown_function to register shutdown handler.

function fatalErrorHandler() {
    // Let's get last error that was fatal.
    $error = error_get_last();
    // This is error-only handler for example purposes; no error means that
    // there were no error and shutdown was proper. Also ensure it will handle 
    // only fatal errors.
    if (null === $error || E_ERROR != $error['type']) {

    // Log last error to a log file.
    // let's naively assume that logs are in the folder inside the app folder.
    $logFile = fopen("./app/logs/error.log", "a+");

    // Get useful info out of error.
    $type    = $error["type"];
    $file    = $error["file"];
    $line    = $error["line"];
    $message = $error["message"]

        "[%s] %s: %s in %s:%d\n",
        date("Y-m-d H:i:s"),