PHP Magic Methods __sleep() and __wakeup()


__sleep and __wakeup are methods that are related to the serialization process. serialize function checks if a class has a __sleep method. If so, it will be executed before any serialization. __sleep is supposed to return an array of the names of all variables of an object that should be serialized.

__wakeup in turn will be executed by unserialize if it is present in class. It's intention is to re-establish resources and other things that are needed to be initialized upon unserialization.

class Sleepy {
    public $tableName;
    public $tableFields;
    public $dbConnection;

     * This magic method will be invoked by serialize function.
     * Note that $dbConnection is excluded.
    public function __sleep()
        // Only $this->tableName and $this->tableFields will be serialized.
        return ['tableName', 'tableFields'];

     * This magic method will be called by unserialize function.
     * For sake of example, lets assume that $this->c, which was not serialized,
     * is some kind of a database connection. So on wake up it will get reconnected.
    public function __wakeup()
        // Connect to some default database and store handler/wrapper returned into
        // $this->dbConnection
        $this->dbConnection = DB::connect();