PHP Traits Conflict Resolution

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Trying to use several traits into one class could result in issues involving conflicting methods. You need to resolve such conflicts manually.

For example, let's create this hierarchy:

trait MeowTrait {
    public function say() {
        print "Meow \n";

trait WoofTrait {
    public function say() {
        print "Woof \n";

abstract class UnMuteAnimals {
    abstract function say();

class Dog extends UnMuteAnimals {
    use WoofTrait;

class Cat extends UnMuteAnimals {
    use MeowTrait;

Now, let's try to create the following class:

class TalkingParrot extends UnMuteAnimals {
    use MeowTrait, WoofTrait;

The php interpreter will return a fatal error:

Fatal error: Trait method say has not been applied, because there are collisions with other trait methods on TalkingParrot

To resolve this conflict, we could do this:

  • use keyword insteadof to use the method from one trait instead of method from another trait
  • create an alias for the method with a construct like WoofTrait::say as sayAsDog;
class TalkingParrotV2 extends UnMuteAnimals {
    use MeowTrait, WoofTrait {
        MeowTrait::say insteadof WoofTrait;
        WoofTrait::say as sayAsDog;

$talkingParrot = new TalkingParrotV2();

This code will produce the following output:


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