postgresql Getting started with postgresql Install PostgreSQL from Source on Linux



  • GNU Make Version > 3.80
  • an ISO/ ANSI C-Compiler (e.g. gcc)
  • an extractor like tar or gzip
  • zlib-devel
  • readline-devel oder libedit-devel

Sources: Link to the latest source (9.6.3)

Now you can extract the source files:

tar -xzvf postgresql-9.6.3.tar.gz

There are a large number of different options for the configuration of PostgreSQL:

Full Link to the full installation procedure

Small list of available options:

  • --prefix=PATH path for all files
  • --exec-prefix=PATH path for architectur-dependet file
  • --bindir=PATH path for executable programs
  • --sysconfdir=PATH path for configuration files
  • --with-pgport=NUMBER specify a port for your server
  • --with-perl add perl support
  • --with-python add python support
  • --with-openssl add openssl support
  • --with-ldap add ldap support
  • --with-blocksize=BLOCKSIZE set pagesize in KB
    • BLOCKSIZE must a power of 2 and between 1 and 32
  • --with-wal-segsize=SEGSIZE set size of WAL-Segment size in MB
    • SEGSIZE must be a power of 2 between 1 and 64

Go into the new created folder and run the cofigure script with the desired options:

./configure --exec=/usr/local/pgsql

Run make to create the objectfiles

Run make install to install PostgreSQL from the built files

Run make clean to tidy up

For the extension switch the directory cd contrib, run make and make install