Rust Inline Assembly Conditionally compile inline assembly


Use conditional compilation to ensure that code only compiles for the intended instruction set (such as x86). Otherwise code could become invalid if the program is compiled for another architecture, such as ARM processors.


// Any valid x86 code is valid for x86_64 as well. Be careful
// not to write x86_64 only code while including x86 in the 
// compilation targets!
#[cfg(any(target_arch = "x86", target_arch = "x86_64"))]
fn do_nothing() {
    unsafe {

#[cfg(not(any(target_arch = "x86", target_arch = "x86_64"))]
fn do_nothing() {
    // This is an alternative implementation that doesn't use any asm!
    // calls. Therefore, it should be safe to use as a fallback.