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Google appscript runs well as a stand alone platform and in the addon format for Google docs, sheets and forms. However, there are times when a client browser may need to call to a Google app to perform some action.

Therefore, Google introduced client side requests to Google apps-scripts. To solve this problem, Google introduced the client side libraries

The Mockito docs have an excellent example of how to provide a sequence of answers for multiple calls to a mock. However, they don't cover how to do that for a method that returns void, other than noting that stubbing void methods require using the do family of methods.

Haskell's function call syntax, explained with comparisons to C-style languages where applicable. This is aimed at people who are coming to Haskell from a background in C-style languages.

API stands for Application Programming Interface

API's for VBA imply a set of methods that allow direct interaction with the operating system

System calls can be made by executing procedures defined in DLL files

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