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On this page, you can find examples of how design patterns are implemented in C++. For the details on these patterns, you can check out the design patterns documentation.

A demonstration of how the producer-consumer pattern is implemented in Ada.

Finite States Machine concepts are usually implemented under Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages, for example using Java language, based on the State pattern defined in GOF (refers to the book: "Design Patterns").

R provides several mechanisms to simulate the OO paradigm, let's apply S4 Object System for implementing this pattern.

Sections are a feature that allow store owners to add, edit, remove and easily reorder content on a page. There are 2 types of sections: dynamic and fixed. Dynamic sections are able to be reordered in their entirety with other sections on the page (homepage). Fixed sections cannot be reordered, but the content within them can still be added to, edited, removed and reordered.

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