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The INSERT INTO statement is used to insert new records in a table.

Floating-point numbers are numbers that have fractional parts (usually expressed with a decimal point). In Java, there is two primitive types for floating-point numbers which are float (uses 4 bytes), and double (uses 8 bytes). This documentation page is for detailing with examples operations that can be done on floating points in Java.

With classes derived from CustomizationPlug you can utilize capabilities of the Acumatica Customization Platform and execute custom code after the customization project has been published. In this topic you will learn how customization plug-ins can be used to make changes in multiple companies.

More information on customization plug-ins is available in Acumatica Customization Guide

Insert an image into an MS Word document shapes such as Rectangles and ovals.

This documentation assumes you know how to insert an image into a word document, open and close a word document using OpenXML

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