Visual Basic .NET Language Simple Function to read from Database and return as DataTable


This simple function will execute the specified Select SQL command and return the result as data set.

Public Function ReadFromDatabase(ByVal DBConnectionString As String, ByVal SQL As String) As DataTable
    Dim dtReturn As New DataTable
        'Open the connection using the connection string
        Using conn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(DBConnectionString)

            Using cmd As New SqlClient.SqlCommand()
                cmd.Connection = conn
                cmd.CommandText = SQL
                Dim da As New SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter(cmd)
            End Using
        End Using
    Catch ex As Exception
        'Handle the exception
    End Try

    'Return the result data set
    Return dtReturn
End Function

Now you can execute the above function from below codes

Private Sub MainFunction()
    Dim dtCustomers As New DataTable
    Dim dtEmployees As New DataTable
    Dim dtSuppliers As New DataTable

    dtCustomers = ReadFromDatabase("Server=MYDEVPC\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MyDatabase;User Id=sa;Password=pwd22;", "Select * from [Customers]")
    dtEmployees = ReadFromDatabase("Server=MYDEVPC\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MyDatabase;User Id=sa;Password=pwd22;", "Select * from [Employees]")
    dtSuppliers = ReadFromDatabase("Server=MYDEVPC\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MyDatabase;User Id=sa;Password=pwd22;", "Select * from [Suppliers]")

End Sub

The above example expects that your SQL Express instance "SQLEXPRESS" is currently installed on "MYDEVPC" and your database "MyDatabase" contains "Customers", "Suppliers" and "Employees" tables and the "sa" user password is "pwd22". Please change these values as per your setup to get the desired results.