verilog Hello World Compiling and Running the Example

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Assuming a source file of hello_world.v and a top level module of hello_world. The code can be run using various simulators. Most simulators are compiled simulators. They require multiple steps to compile and execute. Generally the

  • First step is to compile the Verilog design.
  • Second step is to elaborate and optimize the design.
  • Third step is to run the simulation.

The details of the steps could vary based on the simulator but the overall idea remains the same.

Three step process using Cadence Simulator

 ncvlog hello_world.v
 ncelab hello_world
 ncsim hello_world
  • First step ncvlog is to compile the file hello_world.v
  • Second step ncelab is to elaborate the code with the top level module hello_world.
  • Third step ncsim is to run the simulation with the top level module hello_world.
  • The simulator generates all the compiled and optimized code into a work lib. [ INCA_libs - default library name ]

single step using Cadence Simulator.

The command line will internally call the required three steps. This is to mimic the older interpreted simulator execution style ( single command line ).

irun hello_world.v   
ncverilog hello_world.v

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