vim Configuring Vim Color Schemes


Vim comes with several pre-installed color schemes. In Linux, the color schemes that come with Vim are stored in /usr/share/vim/vim74/colors/ (where 74 is your version number, sans periods); MacVim stores them in /Applications/

Changing Color Schemes

The colorscheme command switches the current color scheme.

For instance, to set the color scheme to "robokai":

:colorscheme robokai

The default color scheme is creatively named default, so, to return to it use

:colorscheme default

To view all of the currently installed color schemes, type :colorscheme followed by space and then either tab or ctrld.

Installing Color Schemes

User-installed color schemes can be placed in ~/.vim/colors/. Once a color scheme is added to this directory, it will appear as an option to the colorscheme command.

To find new color schemes, there are sites like vimcolors which contain a variety of color schemes. There are also tools like and Vivify to aid you in creating your own color schemes, or you can create them by hand.