ActionScript 3 getter and setter


Getters and setters are methods that are behaved like properties. it means they have function structure but when used, they are used same as properties:

Structure of getter functions:

they should have get keyword after function keyword and before function name, with no argument, a return type specified and must return a value:

public function get myValue():Type{
    //anything here
    return _desiredValue;


to get the value from a getter,the syntax is the same as getting a value from a property(no parens () are used).


Structure of setter functions:

they should have set keyword after function keyword and before function name, with one argument, and no value return.

public function set myValue(value:Type):void{
    //anything here


to set the value of a setter,the syntax is the same as setting a value to a property(using equal sign = then value).


setting a getter and setter for one value:

Note: if you create only getter or only setter with a name, that property would be read-only or set-only.

to make a property both readable and setable, should create a getter and a setter with:

1.the same name.
2.the same type(type of return value for the getter and type of input value(argument) for the setter,

Note: getters and setters should not have a name same as other properties or methods .

Usage of getters and setters:

Using getters and setters rather than normal properties has many pros:

1.making read-only or set-only properties:
for example number of children in a display object. it can't be setable.

2.accessing private properties:
an example:

private var _private:Type=new Type();
//note that function name "private" is not same as variable name "_private"  
public function get private():Type{
    return _private;

3.when some change is required after setting a value:
in this example, changing this property must be notified:

public static function set val:(input:Type):void{

and many other usages