ActionScript 3 Object Oriented Programming Method overriding


When you extend a class, you can override methods that the inherited class defines using the override keyword:

public class Example {
    public function test():void {
        trace('It works!');

public class AnotherExample extends Example {
    public override function test():void {
        trace('It still works!');


var example:Example = new Example();
var another:AnotherExample = new AnotherExample();

example.test(); // Output: It works!
another.test(); // Output: It still works!

You can use the super keyword to reference the original method from the class being inherited. For example, we could change the body of AnotherExample.test() to:

public override function test():void {
    trace('Extra content.');

Resulting in:

another.test(); // Output: It works!
                //         Extra content.

Overriding class constructors is a little bit different. The override keyword is omitted and accessing the inherited constructor is done simply with super():

public class AnotherClass extends Example {
    public function AnotherClass() {
        super(); // Call the constructor in the inherited class.

You can also override get and set methods.