aframe cursors Gaze-Based Interactions with cursor Component


We’ll first go over gaze-based interactions. Gaze-based interactions rely on rotating our heads and looking at objects to interact with them. This type of interaction is for headsets without a controller. Even with a rotation-only controller (Daydream, GearVR), the interaction is still similar. Since A-Frame provides mouse-drag controls by default, gaze-based can sort of be used on desktop to preview the interaction by dragging the camera rotation.

To add gaze-based interaction, we need to add or implement a component. A-Frame comes with a cursor component that provides gaze-based interaction if attached to the camera:

  1. Explicitly define entity. Previously, A-Frame was providing the default camera.
  2. Add a-cursor entity as a child element underneath the camera entity.
  3. Optionally, configure the raycaster used by the cursor.
    <!-- Or <a-entity cursor></a-entity> -->