AngularJS AngularJS bindings options (`=`, `@`, `&` etc.) @ one-way binding, attribute binding.


Pass in a literal value (not an object), such as a string or number.

Child scope gets his own value, if it updates the value, parent scope has his own old value (child scope can't modify the parens scope value). When parent scope value is changed, child scope value will be changed as well. All interpolations appears every time on digest call, not only on directive creation.

<one-way text="Simple text." <!-- 'Simple text.' -->
         simple-value="123" <!-- '123' Note, is actually a string object. -->
         interpolated-value="{{parentScopeValue}}" <!-- Some value from parent scope. You can't change parent scope value, only child scope value. Note, is actually a string object. -->
         interpolated-function-value="{{parentScopeFunction()}}" <!-- Executes parent scope function and takes a value. -->
         <!-- Unexpected usage. -->
         object-item="{{objectItem}}" <!-- Converts object|date to string. Result might be: '{"a":5,"b":"text"}'. -->
         function-item="{{parentScopeFunction}}"> <!-- Will be an empty string. -->