AngularJS AngularJS bindings options (`=`, `@`, `&` etc.) Available binding through a simple sample


angular.component("SampleComponent", {
  bindings: {
     title: '@',
     movies: '<',
     reservation: "=",
     processReservation: "&"

Here we have all binding elements.

@ indicates that we need a very basic binding, from the parent scope to the children scope, without any watcher, in any way. Every update in the parent scope would stay in the parent scope, and any update on the child scope would not be communicated to the parent scope.

< indicates a one way binding. Updates in the parent scope would be propagated to the children scope, but any update in the children scope would not be applied to the parent scope.

= is already known as a two-way binding. Every update on the parent scope would be applied on the children ones, and every child update would be applied to the parent scope.

& is now used for an output binding. According to the component documentation, it should be used to reference the parent scope method. Instead of manipulating the children scope, just call the parent method with the updated data!