Docker Monitoring resource usage


Inspecting system resource usage is an efficient way to find misbehaving applications. This example is an equivalent of the traditional top command for containers:

docker stats

To follow the stats of specific containers, list them on the command line:

docker stats 7786807d8084 7786807d8085

Docker stats displays the following information:

CONTAINER     CPU %   MEM USAGE / LIMIT   MEM %    NET I/O               BLOCK I/O
7786807d8084  0.65%   1.33 GB / 3.95 GB   33.67%   142.2 MB / 57.79 MB   46.32 MB / 0 B

By default docker stats displays the id of the containers, and this is not very helpful, if your prefer to display the names of the container, just do

docker stats $(docker ps --format '{{.Names}}')