Go Error Handling Creating an error value

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The simplest way to create an error is by using the errors package.

errors.New("this is an error")

If you want to add additional information to an error, the fmt package also provides a useful error creation method:

var f float64
fmt.Errorf("error with some additional information: %g", f)

Here's a full example, where the error is returned from a function:

package main

import (

var ErrThreeNotFound = errors.New("error 3 is not found")

func main() {
    fmt.Println(DoSomething(1)) // succeeds! returns nil
    fmt.Println(DoSomething(2)) // returns a specific error message
    fmt.Println(DoSomething(3)) // returns an error variable
    fmt.Println(DoSomething(4)) // returns a simple error message

func DoSomething(someID int) error {
    switch someID {
    case 3:
        return ErrThreeNotFound
    case 2:
        return fmt.Errorf("this is an error with extra info: %d", someID)
    case 1:
        return nil

    return errors.New("this is an error")

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