Go Images Basic concepts


An image represents a rectangular grid of picture elements (pixel). In the image package, the pixel is represented as one of the color defined in image/color package. The 2-D geometry of the image is represented as image.Rectangle, while image.Point denotes a position on the grid.

Image and 2-D geometry

The above figure illustrates the basic concepts of an image in the package. An image of size 15x14 pixels has a rectangular bounds started at upper left corner (e.g. co-ordinate (-3, -4) in the above figure), and its axes increase right and down to lower right corner (e.g. co-ordinate (12, 10) in the figure). Note that the bounds do not necessarily start from or contain point (0,0).

Image related type

In Go, an image always implement the following image.Image interface

type Image interface {
    // ColorModel returns the Image's color model.
    ColorModel() color.Model
    // Bounds returns the domain for which At can return non-zero color.
    // The bounds do not necessarily contain the point (0, 0).
    Bounds() Rectangle
    // At returns the color of the pixel at (x, y).
    // At(Bounds().Min.X, Bounds().Min.Y) returns the upper-left pixel of the grid.
    // At(Bounds().Max.X-1, Bounds().Max.Y-1) returns the lower-right one.
    At(x, y int) color.Color

in which the color.Color interface is defined as

type Color interface {
    // RGBA returns the alpha-premultiplied red, green, blue and alpha values
    // for the color. Each value ranges within [0, 0xffff], but is represented
    // by a uint32 so that multiplying by a blend factor up to 0xffff will not
    // overflow.
    // An alpha-premultiplied color component c has been scaled by alpha (a),
    // so has valid values 0 <= c <= a.
    RGBA() (r, g, b, a uint32)

and color.Model is an interface declared as

type Model interface {
    Convert(c Color) Color

Accessing image dimension and pixel

Suppose we have an image stored as variable img, then we can obtain the dimension and image pixel by:

// Image bounds and dimension
b := img.Bounds()
width, height := b.Dx(), b.Dy()
// do something with dimension ...

// Corner co-ordinates
top := b.Min.Y
left := b.Min.X
bottom := b.Max.Y
right := b.Max.X
// Accessing pixel. The (x,y) position must be
// started from (left, top) position not (0,0)
for y := top; y < bottom; y++ {
    for x := left; x < right; x++ {
        cl := img.At(x, y)
        r, g, b, a := cl.RGBA()
        // do something with r,g,b,a color component

Note that in the package, the value of each R,G,B,A component is between 0-65535 (0x0000 - 0xffff), not 0-255.