MATLAB Language MATLAB User Interfaces Passing data around using the "handles" structure


This is an example of a basic GUI with two buttons that change a value stored in the GUI's handles structure.

function gui_passing_data()
    % A basic GUI with two buttons to show a simple use of the 'handles'
    % structure in GUI building

    %  Create a new figure.
    f = figure();

    % Retrieve the handles structure
    handles = guidata(f);

    % Store the figure handle
    handles.figure = f;

    % Create an edit box and two buttons (plus and minus), 
    % and store their handles for future use
    handles.hedit  = uicontrol('Style','edit','Position',[10,200,60,20] , 'Enable', 'Inactive');

    handles.hbutton_plus  = uicontrol('Style','pushbutton','String','+',...
               'Position',[80,200,60,20] , 'Callback' , @ButtonPress);

    handles.hbutton_minus  = uicontrol('Style','pushbutton','String','-',...
               'Position',[150,200,60,20] , 'Callback' , @ButtonPress);

    % Define an initial value, store it in the handles structure and show
    % it in the Edit box
    handles.value = 1;
    set(handles.hedit , 'String' , num2str(handles.value))

    % Store handles
    guidata(f, handles);

function  ButtonPress(hObject, eventdata)
    % A button was pressed
    % Retrieve the handles
    handles = guidata(hObject);

    % Determine which button was pressed; hObject is the calling object
    switch(get(hObject , 'String'))
        case '+'
            % Add 1 to the value
            handles.value = handles.value + 1;
            set(handles.hedit , 'String', num2str(handles.value))
        case '-'
            % Substract 1 from the value
            handles.value = handles.value - 1;

    % Display the new value
    set(handles.hedit , 'String', num2str(handles.value))

    % Store handles
    guidata(hObject, handles);

To test the example, save it in a file called gui_passing_data.m and launch it with F5. Please note that in such a simple case, you would not even need to store the value in the handles structure because you could directly access it from the edit box's String property.