netsuite Filtering with Main Line


When we only want one result per transaction, that means we only want the Body, or Main Line, of each transaction. To accomplish this, there is a filter named "Main Line".

By setting the Main Line filter to Yes in our search criteria, we are essentially saying "Only show me body-level data for the transactions in my results":

enter image description here

Modifying our previous search criteria this way now gives us the single result we expected originally:

enter image description here

If we reverse our Main Line filter to No, we are saying "Show me only the data from sublists in my results":

enter image description here

To recap Main Line's behaviour:

  • With Main Line set to Yes, we received one result for only the body of the transaction.
  • With Main Line set to No, we received three results for only the sublist data of the transaction.
  • With no Main Line filter at all, we received four results, essentially the combination of all the body and sublist data for the transaction.

Note that the Main Line filter is not supported for Journal Entry searches.