netsuite Filtering Specific Sublists


Recall that every transaction contains multiple sublists of data. Now that we can show only sublist data using Main Line, we can further refine our search results to specific sublist data.

Most of the sublists included in Transaction results have a corresponding search filter to toggle whether they are included in your results:

  • Use the Shipping Line filter to control data from the Shipping sublist
  • Use the Tax Line filter to control data from the Tax sublist
  • Use the COGS Line filter to control data from the COGS sublist

Each of these filters behaves like Main Line or any other checkbox filter: Yes to include this data, No to exclude it from your results.

Notice that there is no filter for Item Line to control the data from the Item sublist. Essentially, in order to say "Only show me the data from the Items sublist", we need to specify all of these aforementioned filters as No in our criteria:

enter image description here

With this criteria, your search will return one result per item line on each matching transaction.

In my opinion, this missing filter is a major gap in the search functionality that should be fixed; it would be much easier and more consistent to simply have an Item Line is Yes filter. Until then, this is how you must specify that you only want Item data in your transaction results.