Objective-C Language Enums Converting C++ std::vector to an Objective-C Array

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Many C++ libraries use enums and return/receive data using vectors that contain enums. As C enums are not Objective-C objects, Objective-C collections cannot be used directly with C enums. The example below deals with this by using a combination of an NSArray and generics and a wrapper object for the array. This way, the collection can be explicit about the data type and there is no worry about possible memory leaks with C arrays Objective-C objects are used.

Here is the C enum & Objective-C equivalent object:

typedef enum 
  Error0 = 0,
  Error1 = 1,
  Error2 = 2
} MyError;

@interface ErrorEnumObj : NSObject

@property (nonatomic) int intValue;

+ (instancetype) objWithEnum:(MyError) myError;
- (MyError) getEnumValue;


@implementation ErrorEnumObj

+ (instancetype) objWithEnum:(MyError) error
    ErrorEnumObj * obj = [ErrorEnumObj new];
    obj.intValue = (int)error;
    return obj;

- (MyError) getEnumValue
    return (MyError)self.intValue;


And here is a possible use of it in Objective-C++ (the resulting NSArray can be used in Objective-C only files as no C++ is used).

class ListenerImpl : public Listener
    ListenerImpl(Listener* listener) : _listener(listener) {}
    void onError(std::vector<MyError> errors) override
        NSMutableArray<ErrorEnumObj *> * array = [NSMutableArray<ErrorEnumObj *> new]; 
        for (auto&& myError : errors)
            [array addObject:[ErrorEnumObj objWithEnum:myError]];
        [_listener onError:array];

    __weak Listener* _listener;

If this kind of solution is to be used on multiple enums, the creation of the EnumObj (declaration & implementation) can be done using a macro (to create a template like solution).

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