postgresql Backup script for a production DB

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In general, we tend to back up the DB with the pgAdmin client. The following is a sh script used to save the database (under linux) in two formats:

  • SQL file: for a possible resume of data on any version of PostgreSQL.

  • Dump file: for a higher version than the current version.

cd /save_db
#rm -R /save_db/*
DATE=$(date +%d-%m-%Y-%Hh%M)
echo -e "Sauvegarde de la base du ${DATE}"
mkdir prodDir${DATE}
cd prodDir${DATE}

#dump file
/opt/postgres/9.0/bin/pg_dump -i -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -F c -b -w -v -f "dbprod${DATE}.backup" dbprod

#SQL file
/opt/postgres/9.0/bin/pg_dump -i -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres --format plain --verbose  -f "dbprod${DATE}.sql" dbprod

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