SQL Server Profiler Replay a Single Event at a Time

To replay a single event at a time, open the File > Open > Trace Table... menu.

File > Open > Trace Table...

It will open the Connect to Server dialog.

Connect to Server dialog

Click on the Connect button to connect to an instance of SQL Server.

Destination Table

You will see a Destination Table dialog. Select the destination table and click the OK button.

Make sure that the trace table you open contains the event classes necessary for replay.

SQL Server Profiler

On the Replay menu, select Step and connect to the server instance where you want to replay the trace.

Replay > Step

Connect to an instance of SQL Server, and then in the Replay Configuration dialog, specify Replay server.

Basic Replay Options

You can select one of the following destinations in which to save the replay:

  • Save to file, which specifies a file in which to save the replay.
  • Save to table, which specifies a database table in which to save the replay.

Select Save to file and option, specify the file, verify the settings, and then click OK button.

SQL Server Profiler

To replay subsequent events, on the Replay menu, click Step or press F10. Repeat clicking Step or pressing F10 for each event.

SQL Server Profiler