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xThe x position of the text.
yThe y position of the text.
dxRelative shift in x position.
dyRelative shift in y position.
rotateSpecifies the angular displacement for text glyphs.
textLengthFits the text into the given length.
lengthAdjustSpecifies whether just kerning or kerning & glyphs are compressed/stretched to fit text into textLength specified. Values: spacing or spacingAndGlyphs
--Parameters common to all text chunking elements (text, tref, textPath, tspan)
text-anchorSpecifies horizontal alignment. Values: start, middle, end.
baseline-shiftShifts text baseline based on either values provided by the font table for superscript or subscript positioning (sub, super) or by a positive or negative % or length. Values: sub, super, %, or length.


baseline-shift is not supported by the most current versions of Firefox and Microsoft browsers as of July 2016.

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