SVG Polyline


  • <polyline points="10,5 25,15 20,10" />


pointsThe points attribute defines a list of points. Each point is defined by a x and a y coordinate in the user coordinate system.
stroke-widthWidth of stroke
stroke-opacityOpacity of stroke
stroke-dasharray(Optional) Specifies the dash pattern for the stroke
stroke-linecap(Optional) Specifies whether line end should be flush, round or squared off ("butt" (default)/"round"/"square")
stroke-linejoin(Optional) Specifies how line segments should be joined - mitered, rounded or beveled ("miter" (default)/"round"/"bevel")
stroke-miterlimit(Optional) Specifies the maximum dimension of a miter. Mitered joins that exceed this limit are converted to a bevel join. Default="4"