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When an email client doesn't support media-queries, a hybrid approach can be used to to reconfigure the layout for different screen sizes for email clients regardless of media query support. It uses fluid tables and max-width and min-width to impose rigid baselines (allowing some movement) and imposes a fixed, wide width for Outlook who is shackled to desktop anyway. Once a mobile-friendly baseline is set, media queries progressively enhance the email further in clients that support it.

Getting the raw video/audio from encoded media streams.

Accept-Encoding tells the server what encoding the client accepts. Encoding is mostly used for compression.

Tastypie is a webservice API framework for Django. It provides a convenient, yet powerful and highly customizable abstraction for creating REST-style interfaces. Tastypie makes exposing your models easy, but gives you full control over what you expose, letting you abstract away the database as much as needed. Tastypie also makes it easy to integrate with non-ORM data sources. Hence Tastypie can be used with ORM and Non-ORM databases.

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