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Dependency Injection (DI) is a fancy term for "passing things in". All it really means is passing the dependencies of an object via the constructor and / or setters instead of creating them upon object creation inside the object. Dependency Injection might also refer to Dependency Injection Containers which automate the construction and injection.

Composer is PHP's most commonly used dependency manager. It's analogous to npm in Node, pip for Python, or NuGet for .NET.

GreenDAO is an Object-Relational Mapping library to help developers use SQLite databases for persistent local storage.

The general idea behind Dependency Injection is that you design your application around loosely coupled components while adhering to the Dependency Inversion Principle. By not depending on concrete implementations, allows to design highly flexible systems.

Aspnet core is built with Dependency Injection as one of its key core concepts. It introduces one conforming container abstraction so you can replace the builtin one with a third-party container of your choice.

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