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UIImagePickerController provides an almost out of the box solution to allow the user to select an image from their device or take a picture with the camera and then present that image. By conforming to the UIImagePickerControllerDelegate, you can create logic that specifies in your app how to present the image and what to do with it (using didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo) and also what to do if the user declines to select an image or take a picture (using imagePickerControllerDidCancel).

Subtype attributes 'Image and 'Value will take, respectively, a scalar value and a string and they return, respectively, a string and a scalar value. The result of 'Image can be input to 'Value to get the original value. The converse is also true.

The __Scalar_Object__'Image attribute can be used directly on objects (since Ada 2012-TC-1).

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