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A function defined with the inline specifier is an inline function. An inline function can be multiply defined without violating the One Definition Rule, and can therefore be defined in a header with external linkage. Declaring a function inline hints to the compiler that the function should be inlined during code generation, but does not provide a guarantee.

Inline editing allows users to very quickly modify and update the data for a particular record without having to load the entire record on a page, edit the form, then save the record.

NetSuite developers have a corresponding functionality called submitFields. The submitFields functionality is provided by the nlapiSubmitField global function in SuiteScript 1.0 and the N/record#submitFields method in SuiteScript 2.0.

An inline variable is allowed to be defined in multiple translation units without violating the One Definition Rule. If it is multiply defined, the linker will merge all definitions into a single object in the final program.

Insert an image into an MS Word document shapes such as Rectangles and ovals.

This documentation assumes you know how to insert an image into a word document, open and close a word document using OpenXML

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