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This is a List of Player Events and an example on how to use them.

There are many ways of visualizing the convolutional layers, but they share same components: fetching the values of a part of the convolutional neural networks, and visualizing those values. Note those visualizations should not and can not display on the TensorBoard.

axWindowsMediaPlayer is the control for the playing multimedia files like videos and music.

This tutorial will guide through the steps to create a simple custom layer for Caffe using python. By the end of it, there are some examples of custom layers. Usually you would create a custom layer to implement a functionality that isn't available in Caffe, tuning it for your requirements.

Creating a python custom layer adds some overhead to your network and probably isn't as efficient as a C++ custom layer. However, this way, you won't have to compile the whole caffe with your new layer.

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