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Python does common mathematical operators on its own, including integer and float division, multiplication, exponentiation, addition, and subtraction. The math module (included in all standard Python versions) offers expanded functionality like trigonometric functions, root operations, logarithms, and many more.
One of the biggest advantages of LaTeX is its skill in typesetting equations. Here, the fundamentals of typesetting equations, some of the various packages that can be used, as well as common symbols, are described.

The Binary Calculator can be used to calculate with numbers of any size and precision up to 2147483647-1 decimals, in string format. The Binary Calculator is more precise than the float calculation of PHP.

This is how you would add some numbers in Clojure syntax. Since the method occurs as the first argument in the list, we are evaluating the + (or addition) method on the rest of the arguments in the list.

2D convolution is computed in a similar way one would calculate 1D convolution: you slide your kernel over the input, calculate the element-wise multiplications and sum them up. But instead of your kernel/input being an array, here they are matrices.

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