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Packages build on base R. This document explains how to inspect installed packages and their functionality. Related Docs: Installing packages

Packages in Scala manage namespaces in large programs. For example, the name connection can occur in the packages com.sql and org.http. You can use the fully qualified com.sql.connection and org.http.connection, respectively, in order to access each of these packages.

package in java is used to group class and interfaces. This helps developer to avoid conflict when there are huge numbers of classes. If we use this package the classes we can create a class/interface with same name in different packages. By using packages we can import the piece of again in another class. There many built in packages in java like > 1.java.util > 2.java.lang > 3.java.io We can define our own user defined packages.

Atom's packages allow you to customize the editor to your needs. This topic will explains how packages and themes are created, published, and installed.

In this topic I will overview spring boot package scanning.

You can find some basic information in spring boot docs in the following link (using-boot-structuring-your-code) but I will try to provide more detailed information.

Spring boot, and spring in general, provide a feature to automatically scan packages for certain annotations in order to create beans and configuration.

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