Go Select and Channels Simple Select Working with Channels

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In this example we create a goroutine (a function running in a separate thread) that accepts a chan parameter, and simply loops, sending information into the channel each time.

In the main we have a for loop and a select. The select will block processing until one of the case statements becomes true. Here we have declared two cases; the first is when information comes through the channel, and the other is if no other case occurs, which is known as default.

// Use of the select statement with channels (no timeouts)
package main

import (

// Function that is "chatty"
// Takes a single parameter a channel to send messages down
func chatter(chatChannel chan<- string) {
    // Clean up our channel when we are done.
    // The channel writer should always be the one to close a channel.
    defer close(chatChannel)

    // loop five times and die
    for i := 1; i <= 5; i++ {
        time.Sleep(2 * time.Second) // sleep for 2 seconds
        chatChannel <- fmt.Sprintf("This is pass number %d of chatter", i)

// Our main function
func main() {
    // Create the channel
    chatChannel := make(chan string, 1)

    // start a go routine with chatter (separate, non blocking)
    go chatter(chatChannel)

    // This for loop keeps things going while the chatter is sleeping
    for {
        // select statement will block this thread until one of the two conditions below is met
        // because we have a default, we will hit default any time the chatter isn't chatting
        select {
        // anytime the chatter chats, we'll catch it and output it
        case spam, ok := <-chatChannel:
            // Print the string from the channel, unless the channel is closed
            // and we're out of data, in which case exit.
            if ok {
            } else {
                fmt.Println("Channel closed, exiting!")
            // print a line, then sleep for 1 second.
            fmt.Println("Nothing happened this second.")
            time.Sleep(1 * time.Second)

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