Go Select and Channels Using select with timeouts

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So here, I have removed the for loops, and made a timeout by adding a second case to the select that returns after 3 seconds. Because the select just waits until ANY case is true, the second case fires, and then our script ends, and chatter() never even gets a chance to finish.

// Use of the select statement with channels, for timeouts, etc.
package main

import (

// Function that is "chatty"
//Takes a single parameter a channel to send messages down
func chatter(chatChannel chan<- string) {
    // loop ten times and die
    time.Sleep(5 * time.Second) // sleep for 5 seconds
    chatChannel<- fmt.Sprintf("This is pass number %d of chatter", 1)

// out main function
func main() {
    // Create the channel, it will be taking only strings, no need for a buffer on this project
    chatChannel := make(chan string)
    // Clean up our channel when we are done
    defer close(chatChannel)

    // start a go routine with chatter (separate, no blocking)
    go chatter(chatChannel)

    // select statement will block this thread until one of the two conditions below is met
    // because we have a default, we will hit default any time the chatter isn't chatting
    select {
    // anytime the chatter chats, we'll catch it and output it
    case spam := <-chatChannel:
    // if the chatter takes more than 3 seconds to chat, stop waiting
    case <-time.After(3 * time.Second):
        fmt.Println("Ain't no time for that!")

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