R Language Base Plotting


xx-axis variable. May supply either data$variablex or data[,x]
yy-axis variable. May supply either data$variabley or data[,y]
mainMain title of plot
subOptional subtitle of plot
xlabLabel for x-axis
ylabLabel for y-axis
pchInteger or character indicating plotting symbol
colInteger or string indicating color
typeType of plot. "p" for points, "l" for lines, "b" for both, "c" for the lines part alone of "b", "o" for both ‘overplotted’, "h" for ‘histogram’-like (or ‘high-density’) vertical lines, "s" for stair steps, "S" for other steps, "n" for no plotting


The items listed in the "Parameters" section is a small fraction of hte possible parameters that can be modified or set by the par function. See par for a more complete list. In addition all the graphics devices, including the system specific interactive graphics devices will have a set of parameters that can customize the output.