Ruby Language Introspection View Class Variables

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Classes and modules have the same methods for introspecting instance variables as any other object. Class and modules also have similar methods for querying the class variables (@@these_things):

p Module.methods.grep(/class_variable/)
#=> [:class_variables, :class_variable_get, :remove_class_variable,
#=>  :class_variable_defined?, :class_variable_set]

class Foo
  @@instances = 0
  def initialize
    @@instances += 1

class Bar < Foo; end

5.times{ }
3.times{ }
p Foo.class_variables                   #=> [:@@instances]
p Bar.class_variables                   #=> [:@@instances]
p Foo.class_variable_get(:@@instances)  #=> 8
p Bar.class_variable_get(:@@instances)  #=> 8

Similar to instance variables, the name of class variables must begin with @@, or you will get an error:

p Bar.class_variable_defined?( :instances )
#=> NameError: `instances' is not allowed as a class variable name

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