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HTML helpers are methods used to render HTML elements in a view. They are part of the System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper namespace.

There are different types of HTML helpers:

Standard HTML Helpers: They are used to render normal HTML elements, e.g. Html.TextBox().

Strongly Typed HTML Helpers: These helpers render HTML elements based on model properties, e.g. Html.TextBoxFor().

Custom HTML Helpers: The user can create custom helper method which returns MvcHtmlString.

Rails provides view helpers for generating form markup.

Different ways to create subcommands like in hg or svn with the exact command line interface and help output as shown in Remarks section.

Parsing Command Line arguments covers broader topic of arguments parsing.

Inflector is a very handy helper to change/convert english word to singular, plural, camel case, humanize etc. The helper also help to check whether a word has plural version or not.
The Array Helper file contains functions that assist in working with arrays.
Adding custom helpers can assist you with your development speed. There are a few things to take into consideration while writing such helper functions though, hence this tutorial.

Laravel helpers are the globally accessible functions defined by the framework. It can be directly called and independently used anywhere within the application without needing to instantiating an object or importing class.

There are helpers for manipulating Arrays, Paths, Strings, URLs, etc

Vim's built-in manual is the authoritative source of information and documentation on every Vim feature, including configurations, built-in functions, and even Vimscript. While not the most beginner-friendly interface, if you know how to look through it, you can find what you need.

Start searching by executing :help, :help [subject], or :help :help.

Html helpers are a very useful way of creating html elements in views using MVC framework. With a bit of time your team can really benefit from using them. It helps with keeping the code clean and error prone.

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