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Blaze is a powerful library for creating user interfaces by writing dynamic, reactive HTML templates. Blaze templating allows for loops and conditional logic to be used directly in HTML markup. This section explains and demonstrates the proper usage of templating in Meteor.js with Blaze.

The Actions class gives us a way of emulating precisely how a user would interact with a web page/elements. Using an instance of this class you can describe a series of actions, such as clicking, double-clicking, dragging, pressing keys, etc. Once these actions are described, in order to carry the actions out, you must call must build the actions (.Build()) and then instruct them to be performed (.Perform()). So we must describe, build, perform. The examples below will expand upon this.

Examples of various ways to have OpenGL objects work with C++ RAII.

VBA can read and write strings in any language or script using Unicode. However, there are stricter rules in place for Identifier Tokens.

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