Angular 2 Why Learn Programming if You're Not Going to Code

Learning programming languages is useful not only for those who plan to tie their professional life to it. Firstly, it is a very cool and interesting hobby. Secondly, this hobby has a lot of very useful side effects. The best essay writing service experts say that learning to code can make life easier. They have helped many students write papers on IT topics by providing them with the necessary skills.

So why learn programming if you're not going to code professionally? Read on to find out the answer.

To develop intelligence

Coding requires attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and a systematic approach - a great workout for the brain. Scientists confirm this: those who program maintain mental clarity until old age.

To develop algorithmic thinking

Algorithmic thinking implies that you can look at the problem as a whole, but at the same time break it down into small subtasks and correctly align them in relation to each other.

Algorithmic thinking is a skill that can be useful in any situation. For example, imagine you need to do some cleaning. Without this way of thinking, you might not know where to start and in what order to do things. But if you have algorithmic thinking, you'll quickly realize that it's best to start by taking apart cupboards and drawers, because that will create a lot of dust and garbage. Then you can finish by washing the floors, to get rid of all the dirt.

In general, algorithmic thinking helps to find the most efficient and at the same time easy way to solve any problem. Programming helps to develop it like nothing else because in coding you can't do anything without it.

To develop logical thinking

Logic helps us think coherently, reason without contradiction, predict possible outcomes and avoid mistakes.

Sometimes it seems that there are some gods to whom logical thinking is given, while the rest of us can only hope to be lucky. But no, logical thinking can (and must) be developed. Programming is great for this. When working on the code you have to repeatedly think through the processes so that there is no ambiguity in them, and they are understood even by the machine. And gradually you will start to do this automatically.

To learn foreign languages

Any language is a system of signs. It consists of comprehensible units which are built according to a certain structure. And as a result, instead of a chaotic set of words, you get sentences. Just English, Russian or French helps people communicate, while Python or Go helps people and machines communicate.

When learning a foreign language it is not always easy to understand its system: how sentences are formed, how words are rearranged in them, and so on. And so it is sometimes useful to understand how it works, using examples of units that do not carry the meaning we are accustomed to.

Studying programming is just the right way to understand how languages work, using abstract examples. After that, you'll look at any more familiar adverb with new eyes. By the way, if you're looking for a job and need a creditable resume, take advantage of affordable resume writing services. Get your CV mastered by HR professionals.

For a higher salary

Right now it seems strange when people write on their resumes that they have a basic level of PC use or know how to use Word. In 2022, those skills are assumed by default. Although some 25 years ago computers were not everywhere, and the ability to handle them was really considered an advantage.

Most likely, in the near future, the same will happen with the basics of programming. Basic knowledge of coding, if not mandatory, will be extremely welcomed. Even now, companies need independent and proactive employees who are able to go beyond their duties. Moreover, over the years, the boundaries between specialties are thinning.

The world is becoming technological, and automated, which means that the ability to code will come in handy in different areas and will qualify for a higher salary.

To save time

Surely you have to do a lot of routine things for study or work. Say, collecting information in a table or looking for common characteristics of unrelated events. If you know how to program, the process can be automated. A small script - and the computer does everything for you.

For creative freedom

Surely your brain generates a lot of cool ideas. You think about making a site like this, or a game like this, or an application like this. Knowing how to program allows you to move from dreaming to doing. For example, do you want to keep a budget, but all the services are boring and do not fit? You can make your own one that's just right for you. Is your mom a great needleworker and wants to sell the fruits of her creativity? You have the power to make her a cool site. The ability to code gives incredible freedom.

This may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of practice, you can learn, for instance, to write the best essays using computer code and programming. The key is to start with a basic understanding of the language and then practice writing in it.

For self-esteem

91.5% of programmers in the world are men, which leads some people to say that women code worse. But of course, this is not true. The binary code used in programming was created by mathematician Ada Lovelace. Mathematician and Navy officer Grace Hopper wrote the first compiler and directed the creation of the first high-level language, COBOL. NASA had entire teams of female programmers.

That all changed when home computers came along. Boys got them more often than girls, and so the latter got to know computers later and were less interested in programming. But now that we are growing up with a computer mouse in one hand and a smartphone in the other, it's time to forget about stereotypes. Girls can be very cool at programming. But you'll never know how much until you try, right?

Where to start to learn to program

Anyone who wants to try their hand at programming should start by mastering Python. It's considered one of the most comfortable for the beginner because it was designed with ease of learning in mind. At the same time, it is multi-functional. In it, you can make websites, build artificial intelligence, develop games, visualize and analyze data, to write programs to find discounts on cosmetics. And it's also very popular. There are many forums where all kinds of problems are sorted out for you. So it will be easy to solve any problem.