C Language Best C Programming Courses

Best C Programming Courses

Foundational knowledge in C could help you build a strong career as a programmer. You don’t need to have a physical tutor to begin programming. A few trusted courses online offer great value on the fee students have to pay to understand the C programming language.

Surprisingly, the programming language has been used for decades in creating some of the world’s innovative designs and remains valuable today. Let’s get you started with C programming courses worthy of your commitment. You’d soon realize that you can get some great ones for free.

Master the C Language (Udemy) for Beginners

To get started in programming, you need a detailed course outline with experienced professionals to guide you along the way. This is one of the online courses on C language that explicitly teaches the basics of programming. It’s facilitated by Learn Programming Academy with industry expert Jason Fedin as the main instructor.

Since you’re new to this space, you should know that Learn-Programming Academy has tons of premium content on major technologies like Android, Java, Kotlin, and so on. This 23-hour course is packed with knowledgeable information on data types, control structures, operators, arrays, and functions. All of which are crucial to your success in becoming one of the best C programmers in the industry.

Introduction to C Specialization

Coursera has some pretty clear-cut detailed courses on C specialization perfect for your beginner journey into learning programming languages. Duke University facilitates the specialization in C language course - designed to help learners become great at solving complex problems with computer programs.

Students are not restricted to this alone but also go through in-depth sessions on how to program. These four courses share information on writing, reading, and developing systematic algorithms using C.

1. C in 4 Hours: FREE YouTube Course by FreeCodeCamp

If you are not looking to get a professional certificate in software development but need access to any best free course on C programming – then check this YouTube content. The 4-hour video content is on FreeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel lectured by Mike Dane. It’s popular among beginners looking to know about operating systems for free.

Although the channel publicizes that students can know this in 4 hours, that’s only how long the video content plays for. Students would still have to re-watch and keep learning the concepts in the video over again to become better users. There’s also a tutorial video that guides you with practical examples of core concepts of C programming.

2. C Programming Language Fundamentals by Kenny Kerr

Understanding this became easier when Pluralsight partnered with programming experts to teach students practical steps to becoming productive coders. The course prepares students on the essentials of other programming languages like C++. Kenny Kerr follows the course overview using real-time analytic examples for reference.

Unlike the C in 4 hours YouTube course, you’d need a Pluralsight membership to get the course. Pluralsight is a great place with enough content that helps with choosing a programming language to major in after learning C. It only costs roughly $30 every month to subscribe to a membership plan with Pluralsight, where you can access informative content on other programming languages as well.

3. C for Everyone: Coursera Best Course

This is one fun course among beginners looking to learn C programming. As the title reads, the course is structured around simplified coursework that allows just about “everyone” to come on board. It shares the fundamentals of writing codes using C and how students can easily familiarize themselves with the platform.

Here, students learn how the language serves as an introductory element to creating codes. After which, they progress to methods of understanding the computing process on a deeper level than an average computer literate. This is a five-hour weekly course that’d last for six weeks.

4. LinkedIn Learning: Advanced C Programming

Both intermediate and advanced-level coders would find this course beneficial as it shares advanced-level secrets on programming altogether. There are more pro tips on this language here than you can find in any of those courses online. The instructor Dan Gookin shares an expert approach to solving complex problems with codes on C.

Courses like these are designed to brush up your programming skills to help you think and program like a pro. At the end of this course, you should be able to build multiple useful variables and create function arguments. Dan also devoted a considerable amount of his coursework to tips on generating pointers.

5. Learn C from Scratch (FREE!)

It’s sometimes impossible to get courses taught by founders or authors on programming languages or free. You get that with founder Fahim Ul Haq where he shares valuable tips and good information on pointers and Unix to his students. Fahim is a C/C++ expert with experience with corporations like Microsoft, so expect to get value from this course.

The course outline features rarely discussed aspects of programming like Debugging, Memory, Input/Output, and Compilation. Students get comprehensive illustrations and sometimes real-time coding analogies whenever Fahim explains a topic. This is one of those rare interactive courses on programming languages that are also free.

6. Udemy: Learn C in Easy Steps

Here is one practical programming language course that covers the use of the program on any system. The creator, Huw Collingbourne, shares and illustrates his examples for both macOS and Windows users.

The course outline covers the language from ground zero using important tools like NetBeans, C compilers, IDEs, and Visual studio. Huw walks his students through the interfaces of these tools when typing a C code to solve a computer-related problem.


These are the best programming courses to start when building a career as a data analyst. Instructors on this list invest their time in compiling courses worth investing in. Knowing C helps you build a solid foundation as you progress to the top to use other programming languages like python. These courses are created to help you work on your way into more complicated projects by getting used to C.

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