C Language Threads (native)


  • #ifndef __STDC_NO_THREADS__
  • # include <threads.h>
  • #endif
  • void call_once(once_flag *flag, void (*func)(void));
  • int cnd_broadcast(cnd_t *cond);
  • void cnd_destroy(cnd_t *cond);
  • int cnd_init(cnd_t *cond);
  • int cnd_signal(cnd_t *cond);
  • int cnd_timedwait(cnd_t *restrict cond, mtx_t *restrict mtx, const struct timespec *restrict ts);
  • int cnd_wait(cnd_t *cond, mtx_t *mtx);
  • void mtx_destroy(mtx_t *mtx);
  • int mtx_init(mtx_t *mtx, int type);
  • int mtx_lock(mtx_t *mtx);
  • int mtx_timedlock(mtx_t *restrict mtx, const struct timespec *restrict ts);
  • int mtx_trylock(mtx_t *mtx);
  • int mtx_unlock(mtx_t *mtx);
  • int thrd_create(thrd_t *thr, thrd_start_t func, void *arg);
  • thrd_t thrd_current(void);
  • int thrd_detach(thrd_t thr);
  • int thrd_equal(thrd_t thr0, thrd_t thr1);
  • _Noreturn void thrd_exit(int res);
  • int thrd_join(thrd_t thr, int *res);
  • int thrd_sleep(const struct timespec *duration, struct timespec* remaining);
  • void thrd_yield(void);
  • int tss_create(tss_t *key, tss_dtor_t dtor);
  • void tss_delete(tss_t key);
  • void *tss_get(tss_t key);
  • int tss_set(tss_t key, void *val);


C11 threads are an optional feature. Their absence can be tested with __STDC__NO_THREAD__. Currently (Jul 2016) this feature is not yet implemented by all C libraries that otherwise support C11.

C libraries that are known to support C11 threads are:

C libraries that don't support C11 threads, yet: