C Language Jump Statements


  • return val; /* Returns from the current function. val can be a value of any type that is converts to the function's return type. */
  • return; /* Returns from the current void-function. */
  • break; /* Unconditionally jumps beyond the end ("breaks out") of an Iteration Statement (loop) or out of the innermost switch statement. */
  • continue; /* Unconditionally jumps to the beginning of an Iteration Statement (loop). */
  • goto LBL; /* Jumps to label LBL. */
  • LBL: statement /* any statement in the same function. */


These are the jumps that are integrated into C by means of keywords.

C also has another jump construct, long jump, that is specified with a data type, jmp_buf, and C library calls, setjmp and longjmp.

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