Git Working with Remotes Renaming a Remote


To rename remote, use command git remote rename

The git remote rename command takes two arguments:

  • An existing remote name, for example : origin
  • A new name for the remote, for example : destination

Get existing remote name

git remote
# origin

Check existing remote with URL

git remote -v 
# origin (fetch)
# origin (push)

Rename remote

 git remote rename origin destination
 # Change remote name from 'origin' to 'destination'

Verify new name

git remote -v 
# destination (fetch)
# destination (push)

=== Posible Errors ===

  1. Could not rename config section 'remote.[old name]' to 'remote.[new name]'

    This error means that the remote you tried the old remote name (origin) doesn't exist.

  1. Remote [new name] already exists.

    Error message is self explanatory.